Mi Vida As A Katz…

I’m entering a whole new chapter in my life. New last name and a new life alongside my now husband. I recently married the love of my life. We met in college and always had a thing for each other. We tried to disguise it as a friendship for many years but as people say “whats meant to be will always find its way”.  It took us 5 yrs to end up dating but once it began there was nothing tearing us apart.

“Katz” you might guess is my new last name. I still struggle with the idea of changing my last name. I was raised very traditional so I always saw myself taking my husbands last name. My biggest struggle is losing my identity, my last name helps identify me it is the “Smith” of Mexican’s. Throughout my life I’ve ran across many people who had no idea what I am. Are you Asian, Russian, Italian, Middle eastern, Indian, and a list of possible Latin american countries I might be from.

One year I got wished a “Happy New Year” at Subway, I was really confused as it was February. I quickly realized it was Chinese New Year and the person thought I was Chinese.  It got to a point I started to make it a game when I went out. If someone approached me with the question. I’d say “guess” it was actually quite entertaining. For the most part not a lot of people could guest that my background is Mexican. I’m a proud Tex- Mex, so when I’d say my full name people could at least identify me as Hispanic.

Maybe I’m overthinking it but am I the only one who struggles with the idea of changing their last name?


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