Michigan Daycation!

When you live in a state like Michigan where the winters are long and the summers are short, you have to make the best of what time you have. Yesterday, was a hot sunny day perfect for a day trip.

After having done my fair share of exploring in Michigan, my friend and I wanted to go somewhere new but not too far. So we headed to the west side of the state which is a 2 1/2 hour trip from my location. I think everyone had the same idea as many of the beaches were packed.

Luckily, where we decided to go was full but not overly crowded. We arrived at the Saugatuck Dunes State Park. The park is a 1,120 acre Michigan state park. It is located on Lake Michigan between Saugatuck and Holland in Allegan County, Michigan. The parking lot was full so we had to park on the outside and walk which wasn’t bad at all.

There are two trails at the park one marked north and the other beach. We chose the north as we figured we’d get the view from the top and less people were walking towards the north. It was about a mile or two hike with sand getting in our toes as we got closer to the end. The trail led us to a steep hill of sand. Once we climbed over it opened up to a breathtaking view of Lake Michigan. Simply amazing.

As we continued it led us towards the beach were you could feel the wonderful breeze and hear the waves of the lake crashing into the shore. There was a good amount of people and boats enjoying the afternoon. It was very clean and there was a good amount of areas on the beach were you could enjoy some alone time with out too many people around. We laid out our towels and relaxed for a few hours. Overall a great place to go if you don’t mind the hike.

If you’ve never been to Michigan do consider visiting its full of lots of great state parks and natural beauty.


Wisconsin the land of good beer, cheese, and cool art.

Recently my husband had to go to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for a conference. So I thought to myself…hmm I’ll tag along for a short adventure.

If you knew me, you would know I’m the kind of person who hates going anywhere alone. For many reasons 1. Safety wise I tend to attract some interesting people and 2. I enjoy having some company. On this trip I knew I would have to suck it up and venture out on my own or my other choice was stay in the hotel.

After having a nice brunch with the hubby he went off to work and I went off to explore the city. We were staying downtown Milwaukee at the Westin, which had a wonderful view of Lake Michigan and even better a 10 min walk to the beautiful Milwaukee art museum.

The walk over was great not many people around and it felt really safe, which not a lot of downtowns do. The art museum was huge and a perfect way to spend my day. I’m not much of an artsy person, but this museum had some pretty awesome pieces that anyone can appreciate. I’ll attach some of my favs below. If your ever in Milwaukee check out the art museum.

The museum is located right by the lake which was even better. I went out and walked along the lake. I was pretty determined that day to keep exploring so I walked all the way to the beach. Which I believe was 2 miles from where I was. Great walk but unfortunately there was too many people there for my taste, so I decided to turn back and head to the hotel.

But like any good trip it has to end at some point. :/ Don’t worry we didn’t forget the important part we stocked up on some yummy Wisconsin craft beer and made a stop at a place called the cheese castle to picked up some delicious cheese to take back home.

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The Honeymoon…

The best part of the Wedding is the Honeymoon. My husband and I decided to go to none other than Costa Rica. I have to say its one of the most friendliness and beautiful countries I have ever visited. The amount of natural beauty in the country along with the hospitality of its people made it the most perfect place for a Honeymoon.

Day 1-Day 4: We flew into San Jose and rented a car. I believe its the best route to go when attempting to see the most in a week. Though I do have to warn you its not for all drivers we did see some accidents and crazy drivers. We drove up to La Fortuna where the Arenal Volcano is located. We spent 4 nights 3 of which were spent at Nayara Springs, a very beautiful resort with the perfect setting for a Honeymoon. While we were there we ventured out and had some amazing meals, went Zip-lining, visited the hanging  bridges, and hiked to a La Fortuna waterfall.  Zip-lining was intense as were the hanging bridges if your afraid of heights like my husband it will scare you.

Day 5-7: Our next adventure was to head to Manuel Antonio to experience more than just the jungle. We wanted to add some beach into the mix. My husband and I were so tied up with the Wedding we only had booked half of our honeymoon. Thanks to it being green season in Costa Rica we were able to call the night before and get a pretty sick looking place in the Manuel Antonio area. I do have to say Nayara was awesome but this place which was called Tulemar was even more breathtaking. We were assigned the bamboo villa to our surprise it is a newly built 3 story villa with a plunge pool all to ourselves. The views of the ocean were amazing. We also could see monkeys, sloths, and all kinds of birds from our villa.  It made it very difficult to leave but I can say it was the honeymoon of a lifetime which I wouldn’t trade for anything else.